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Hi, I’m Ilaria and I’m a fashion photographer based in Milan.
I graduated in 2017 at the European design institute in Milan.
More and more in love with the shapes and all that the light shows in our eyes, years ago, I decided to start capturing these forms of my interest. I started immersing myself in nature, being hours and hours observing even the sunlight that gives the leaves a different shape with the passing of time. Later I became interested in the diversity of faces, body and forms in general, until today. Today with my work, instead of investigating reality, I try to create, starting from a mental disorder, a formal order through the beauty of the body, of expressions and above all of color, giving life to mental images that torment me until they find expression.

I have not yet shaped my style, I have been more interested in one genre than another, but I am learning to love every form of photography – that every day helps me to tidy up my head -.



Perché la forma è bella? Perché – penso – ci aiuta ad affrontare la nostra paura peggiore, il timore che la vita non sia che caos e che la nostra sofferenza non abbia alcun senso. – Robert Adams
In che modo, allora, l’arte può rivelare la bellezza, ossia la forma? Come la filosofia, essa astrae. L’arte semplifica. Non è mai esattamente uguale alla vita. Nelle arti visive, questa scelta attenta a favore dell’ordine è chiamata composizione.
Vorrei trovare qualcosa che abbia altrettanto senso del semplice guardare. – Theodore Roethke


This website was created in 2012 to simply share my photos – in that period I was still experimenting with my photography and I pick an “art name” that simply means nothing – to the others. To me it was the beginning of something big: today I made photography my work and my hobby, and I still love to share it.